Happy Sunday guys!!

How are you guys doing today? The weather today was so lovely, went out with my friends to have lunch and of course i couldn’t skip out on taking pictures(obviously because of the great weather and the sun shinning). I just really had good vibes today maybe because i was surrounded with good people and food!! My outfit was pretty simple just a dress, heels and little accessories.

So that being said, Let’s get into the outfit deets.

My dress is from New Yorker for 10,000HUF. I love this dress because it’s easy to put on. At first when i saw this dress, I wasn’t really sure of it although i loved the color but i felt it was too simple and also i didn’t really know whether it’s a church or just a normal outing dress. It’s really comfortable,love the style and the color.

The shoes are from FF. I wrote about it in one of my previous post. It’s really comfortable, i love it and also the color.


Keeping it simple with the accessory. My friend actually got me this for my birthday when she went to America so I don’t really know where she got it from.

That’s it for today’s outfit..

yahh or nahh?


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