l’oreal favorites

hi guys

hope you all are doing well.its been quite some time i posted last,and am so sorry about that.i have been so busy lately,with school preparation and so.well today i am going to be showing you all 3 of my l’oreal favorites.this is actually the first time am using any product from l’oreal..i usually see some youtubers use this product so i decided to try it and it is perfect..so lets get started,

1.la palette nude(02 beige)

i really love this nude color palette so much,i normally wear nude eyeshadow like all the time.The colors are really cool.i got it for 5199huf.it also came with a small eyeshadow brush.



2.Glam bronze GG cream

this is also one of my favorites.this cream just gives me the perfect glow,and with my dark skin its just perfect..i got it for 4199huf..

and lastly…


3.Infallible fixing mist

this is just heaven to me..i can’t go without applying my fix spray..this makes my makeup perfect.i really really love it.i got it for 5199huf…it makes my makeup last longer..

okay guys that’s all,hope you guys love it

like and comment your favorite

till next time xoxo

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